I was honored to host Scott Edelstein on the show recently. He has a new book out titled The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers (you can find my review via this link) and well, let’s just say if you judge a podcast by the amount of times the host says the word ‘interesting’ – well it’s an award winning episode!

I had a few of those BOOM “mind-blown” instances which can only come from chatting with someone who is able to help draw out some deeper thinking. You may hear my gears churning throughout this discussion. 

This discussion covers a lot of ground and from the exasperated sound of my voice in the intro, you can see that the topic of finding a suitable spiritual teacher is very timely. 

The podcast offers up quite a few stories and scenarios from Scott and really is a great example of a dharma dummy having their mind opened up IN REAL TIME! I’m happy to be able to have someone on the show who is writing to the nuances involved with spiritual communities and their leaders.

Hope you enjoy the episode – and my confession about believing  a certain Canadian pop starlet to be an extremely powerful teacher.