meI remember when I first started practicing Budddhism, I was the most upright practicioner. I’d prefer to die from exploding rather than fart in a meditation hall. I read an interview with Pema Chodron who spoke of being a really horrible meditator and it really helped to take the pressure off (literally). It helped me realize that I don’t have to put on a front as some kind of SuperBuddhist. I can relax. Be human. Work with situations.

I remember as a wee one owning a red wooden Buddha that I received as a freebie from a visit to the Palace Grill Chinese food restaurant. I mainly used to chew on it and it left a pink splotch on my face. From this experience, I can certainly attest that the first contact with the Buddha can be quite memorable and will leave a mark.

In university, I developed an increased taste for Buddhism and began to read up all I could on Buddhism of all flavours. After a period of going it on my own and reading everything I could get my hands on, this little solitary practitioner began to study first with Shambhala International and subsequently with Nalandabodhi.

You may know me from my former blog Full Contact Enlightenment, or  via some random search while looking for Buddhist podcasts. Regardless – I’m happy you’re here.

I used to do a radio show in university and loved it so much that here I am now, years later recreating that very experience.  DIY punk rock ethos meets a girl with a laptop, a microphone, and a bit of technology. Open format. No real plans. Sloppy production. Maybe months before a show gets put together. Maybe two in a row.

Guests will be pretty much who I’m into and who I think you should know about. Authors, misfits, musicians, renegades, hard-core introverts, meditation instructors, fellow podcasters, friends, frienemies and foes. You might even want to join me for a chat!

The name of this website comes from one of my absolute favorite bands of all time ever-age.