Time for Livin’

Yes. It is time for livin’.

So much going on these days. I’ve been hustling to find work for many months and my gosh that can take a lot out of a person. I had one company mistakenly think that my portfolio was this very blog so that was a good laugh. 

Other than the typical hijinks I get into (caring for a shorty pug, studying, dawdling, daydreaming, procrastinating, internetting) – I was fortunate enough to see my teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche a few weeks ago. I remember way back worrying about what it would be like to meet him and how freaked out I was. When I did have him face to face with me, it was so…. so very ordinary. Like someone you meet at a kitchen party and share a short chat with. The second time around it was similar except I was much lighter in mood (see previous posts about my depression lifting). I was finding myself introducing people to Rinpoche this time around and coaxing them to go and see him. It was great to be encouraging to people and help them see that he was extraordinary – yet ordinary. 

The local centre I’m affiliated with moved to a bright and sunny new spot so I’m hoping I’ll reconnect with my sangha. It’s another good reason for me to practice my french. I’m pretty much over my fears and shyness in speaking a language that I mangle and now really just try to be understood and nod often when I’m not so clear on what’s being said to me. 

All this Trump stuff. How are you feeling about it? Do you find it hard to stay engaged and informed, yet maintain your sanity? How are you holding up? 

All I know is it’s Spring/Summer and it feels like it’s time for livin’. 

2 thoughts on “Time for Livin’

  1. John says:

    I was in Toronto this week for meetings. In the reception area of the office, they have a big screen TV that runs CP24, Toronto’s all news station. I remarked to my colleagues that lately, I’m afraid to look at news on TV for fear of thinking “OH, God, what’s he done now?!?!”

    But I’m also a little bit cut off from news as I’m deep into my new job now and I’ve purposefully cut off the constant social media chatter during the day so I can focus on learning it. My news comes from CBC radio in the morning, then, maybe the National at night. Like it’s the 90s or something. In a way, maybe that’s healthier for me. Just get the news and absorb it instead of reading the reaction to the news in real time before I’ve read the news.

    So now, I’m really focused on spending better time with my family in my off hours rather than engaging in everyone’s hot take on the news. This weekend we’re going downtown to see Les Géants followed by a barbecue at home. The job is keeping me busy so it’s important to keep those human connections alive when I can.

  2. tmc says:

    It’s always exciting to see a teacher, especially when it is ordinary and no nerves cloud your perspective or experience. Re: 45. We don’t use his name. I never post his likeness. I don’t watch the news randomly; I get info from reliable places, mostly folks like Indivisible & the ACLU who not only say what’s happening but what actions we should take to #resist the regime.

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